What We Do


If needed, we source and work with zoning use counsel regarding property use confirmation and any local zoning issues, if any. Obtain and analyze zoning reports. Provide action plan to resolve any and all municipality issues. Implement and resolve any and all issues.

Title & Survey

Source and manage Survey Process. Manage Title and Survey review with legal team to complete objections in a timely manner. Ensure that Title & Survey are finalized before closing with legal team.


Prepare Datasite using a secured iCloud based system. If needed, create additional datasites for lenders, sellers, buyers, and third parties.


EPA Superfund Management. Phase I/II Environmental Site Assessments. Limited Subsurface Investigations. Remediation. State Brownfield Remediation and Oversight. Abatements.

Subdivision Made Simple

Property Subdivision Services

We specialize in dividing large properties into smaller, more manageable units for individual sale. Backed by real estate experts, we’re your one stop solution to help sell quickly and efficiently, maximizing your profitability and minimizing the time and resources you need to invest.

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Property Condition Assessments

Multiple Levels of Property Condition Assessments, including, if needed MEP (mechanical, electrical and plumbing) Inspections. Real Numbers for Immediate and Reserve Schedules. Obtain proposals for Immediate work by local sub-contractors and national companies. Ensure the report details the responsible party for immediate repairs and replacement reserves.

Lease Review Services
  • Abstract
  • Estoppel & SNDA Preparation and Submittal
  • Review of Seller Estoppels
  • Options and Encumbrances
  • Leasing Commissions
  • Parking Requirements
  • CAM Audit
  • ROFR Schedule
  • Termination Rights
  • Permitted Use
  • Self Insurance Rights
  • Co-Tenancy
  • Subordination
  • Exclusive Use

What makes CRE | TAG different?

We are offering not only Due Diligence Services but SOLUTIONS and support as well. With CRE | TAG, you will get a consultant’s execution with a principal’s perspective.