Subdivision Made Simple

Property Subdivision Services

Oversee and Manage Subdivision / Out-Parcel Process to Completion

We specialize in dividing large properties into smaller, more manageable units for individualsale. Backed by real estate and legal experts, we’re a one stop solution to facilitate a quick andefficient subdivision process, maximizing your profitability and minimizing the time andresources you need to invest.

“Industry Standard stats the average subdivision takes 12-18 months. 22 out of our last 25 subdivisions… took just 3-6 months.” Sally Krauss, Principal, CRE TAG

Our Proven Time Saving Process

Phase 1:

  • Build a team of local civil engineer and (local counsel, if needed) who have relationships with the municipality to expedite the approval process.
  • Review and suggest what parcels are best to subdivide.
  • Identify issues, if any exist due to parking, co-tenancy, zoning etc.
  • Complete municipality submittals and plat map for client review.

Phase 2: After client approval

  • Work with civil engineer, local counsel and municipality to go through the subdivision process.
  • Monitor all costs to ensure team stays within budget.
  • Work directly with the team and municipalities to facilitate the completion of the subdivision timely and on budget.


Dedicated Services

Review each site for subdivision/tax parcels
Review in detail Lease Term, Lease Review and Reciprocal Easements
  • Title/Zoning Review
  • Tax Map Review
  • Building/Use Restrictions
  • Signage Restrictions
  • Parking, etc.
Confirm if Tenant Lease Term needs to be extended to add value

Municipality Timing and Approval Process

Shopping Center and Subdivided Parcel Value
Environmental Concerns

Costs and Budget to complete subdivision

Provide detail of any considerations for subdivision to be completed
Municipality Application, Meetings and Approvals
Record Plat, Deed, and obtain New Tax Number

Subdivision Made Simple

Design. Submittal. Approval.

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